Сredit card, debit card

Only VISA, VISA Electron and MasterCard are accepted for payment by credit or debit card. The data that you must provide when making the payment through this system are: name, card number, expiration date and verification or security code.
We use secure payment systems to protect the security of payment by credit or debit card. The confidential data of the payment is transmitted directly and in encrypted form (SSL) to the financial entity STRIPE. When making the payment through secure payment gateway,
the system will automatically verify that the credit card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce. Then it will connect with the issuing bank of the same, which will authorize the operation. When the bank confirms the authenticity of the card, the charge will be made on it.
Otherwise the order will be cancelled.
All data from the user’s credit card is only processed at the STRIPE Secure Virtual POS, so STANDARD CARE. you do not have access to them nor are they stored in your database.

Wire transfer

When selecting bank transfer as the payment method, in the last step of the purchase you will obtain confirmation of your order, where the account number in the name of Chocostory S.L. of the “Bank” entity in which to make the bank transfer.
It is very important that you indicate in the transfer “Concept Order nº xxxx”,
as well as your name and surnames, and make the transfer within three business days from the day you placed the order in order to validate it. Until you receive the amount of your purchase, the order will not be understood as confirmed and therefore will not be processed.


PayPal is the Internet payment service that allows you to pay safely, easily and quickly, with a simple and easy registration and also the PayPal account will not cost you anything. Your bank or credit card details are only stored by PayPal, which makes PayPal payments even more secure.
The advantage is that you will not have to write down your credit card details for each purchase.
We will proceed to send the order in 24-48 hours after you have placed the order, as long as all the items you have purchased are in stock.
However, in Law 16/2009, of November 13, in chapter II,
in articles 25 to 34 of payment services, it regulates all the provisions on consent and its withdrawal, limitations on the use of payment instruments and the obligations of the user and provider.